Pointing Toward The Cross  

When we go way back to the book of Genesis in the Bible we see the first visual aid (or picture) which God gives to us, to point forward to the reality of the cross.
Adam and Eve were aware of their sin and in their own way they tried to cover their nakedness in God's sight.

Genesis chapter 3 verse 21
"Unto Adam also and to his wife did the Lord God make coats of skin and clothed them."

Some may ask what does this have to say in terms of looking forward to the cross? God had to take the initiative and kill this animal/s in order to secure the skin/fur to clothe Adam and Eve. The death of another creature was needed to secure protection, provision and covering In God's sight. In a more permanent, eternal way the death of another (the Lord Jesus) secured a permanent protection and provision for us in 2013.

Another picture which pointed forward to the glorious cross of Christ was the story of Abraham and his son Isaac. In Genesis chapter 22 we see the aged of Abraham obeying God and being willing to offer his only son to God. At the very moment of drawing a knife to offer up Isaac, God, through an angel prevents Isaac from such suffering. Abraham had said earlier to his son

Genesis chapter 22 verse 8
"And Abraham said, My son, God will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering .."

Knowing he didn't have to offer Isaac to God, Abraham looked up and saw a ram caught in a bush. God had indeed stepped in and provided the substitute and provision needed.

The Passover in Egypt, where the children of Israel had to follow God's rescue plan to escape the angel of death was another picture, which pointed forward to that final shedding of blood on the cross of Calvary. In Exodus chapter 12 we read that the blood had to be applied to the two side posts of the door and to the lintel. Under the blood, those sheltering under it were protected, not because the blood itself was magical but because it signified a life been given in order to become a protective redemption.

Today we look back to the death of Gods only beloved son on the cross. All Old Testament sacrifice pointed ahead to this event. Christ death can give us that protection from God's wrath but only if we, like the children of Israel in the Passover, trust in the provision and the death offered on our behalf. It is more than mere mental assent. We trust in the completed work of Christ on the cross, in this blood shed to completely forgive sin and we trust in the Saviour himself to become our saviour. There is nowhere else to hide, and there is nowhere else to go.